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The Steering Wheel of New Mercedes-Benz Will Keep Give Drivers an Easy Ride

The German trademark office has filed with a future Mercedes-Benz with a revised steering wheel design. The carmaker has added many options for managing the airflow in its invention, allowing a driver to direct focused air to a small spot or disperse air over a greater area.

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A patent application filed with the German trademark office shows a Mercedes-Benz of the future fitted with a refreshing take on the steering wheel. Hyundai has also patented a steering wheel with all the driver readouts being displayed on a screen, and we think it's pretty good.

Mercedes Released Sketches: 

Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC has released sketches of a steering wheel that blows air through the 'pot' of the steering wheel. This could also heat the air, so you could have the best of both worlds on the inside and outside of the wheel.

Mercedes Addressed the Issue of Climate Control:

Mercedes-Benz has also addressed the impact of a climate control system, and the airflow and temperature would be adjusted to the point where you would not notice any significant change in temperature through your hands.

Mercedes Allows for Manual Modification: 

Another option is to modify the system manually, just like how you would change the air conditioning vents in your car. A simple lever would activate flaps and vanes in this case, allowing you to regulate when they work with as little effort as turning a switch.

Mercedes Added a Slew of Options:

Finally, the manufacturer has added many options for regulating the airflow of their innovation, allowing a driver to have focused air directed at a small area or air spread out across a broader area. 

Of course, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class chauffeur of the future would never touch a manual lever, so we expect Mercedes to put controls on the steering wheel itself if it ever goes into production.

Overall, Mercedes Benz S Class is an impressive car. To keep the car in good working order, bring it in for Mercedes-benz repair Greensboro NC.


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